Our Practice Areas


Our Practice Areas

I focus my legal practice on estate planning & probate, personal injury, business law, and civil litigation. If you are fighting for fair treatment, I can help. If you want to protect your business and your livelihood, I am in your corner. If you’re injured and looking for a strong advocate, I am a plaintiff’s attorney prepared to help you fight back against insurance company tactics. 

Over the years, I have helped landowners, small business owners, and families overcome legal challenges in the local, state, and federal court systems. I also handle administrative cases involving government agencies, such as the Contractor’s State License Board and the Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Personal injuries are not just about money. It is true that you deserve the fair compensation you need to heal and reclaim your life. You didn’t ask to be injured, and you shouldn’t have to foot the bill for someone else’s negligent actions. However, you should also be treated with respect and given honest information about your claim so you can make informed decisions about your case.

In short, you deserve a fair shake. It’s my job to help you get results. In my practice, we will treat you honestly and fairly. I will personally advise you about your case.  I will offer you my expertise about value, but you, the client, decide whether to settle the case or proceed to trial based on detailed information and my knowledge of personal injury law.

After an injury, your opponent – often an insurance company – begins collecting information about you and the accident right away. Insurers waste no time making judgments about your case. Waiting to get advice and counsel is playing into their hands.

Insurance companies are not your friends or your neighbor. They don’t have your back, and they are not in the business of taking care of people who have been injured. Their duty is to make money for their stockholders. They have every incentive to pay little or nothing on your claim. If you are going to fight back, you need professional help.

A personal injury can range from a minor inconvenience to a devastating experience. It’s normal to feel alone and worried about the future – especially when you are forced to fight an insurance company for fair treatment.

If you have been injured, call me. I offer a free consultation on all injury cases. If you choose to hire me, I only get paid if I recover money for you. I have recovered millions of dollars for my clients in cases both big and small. I have the experience to get the job done, whether we settle, mediate, or take the matter to a jury.

Estate Planning and Probate

Estate Planning and Probate

Creating a well-drafted, comprehensive estate plan is one of the best things you can do for yourself, your future, and your family. Many people associate estate planning with death, but this misses the mark. Estate planning is about safeguarding the retirement you have worked so hard to build, protecting your legacy for your loved ones, and making sure you have enough resources to enjoy every stage of your life.

A thorough estate plan can prevent many problems and inconveniences upon your incapacity or death. Without one, your family may face a costly, time-consuming legal process that depletes your assets and compromises your interests.

Proper planning can also help you and your loved ones avoid bitter disputes and family conflicts. In many cases, what should be a simple procedure leads to years of courtroom battles, feuds among family members, money down the drain, and damaged relationships. A detailed estate plan stops this from happening.

An estate plan is also important in the event you become unable to care for yourself or your finances. If you become incapacitated, you need someone with the legal authority to make decisions for you. In these situations, it is important to have properly delegated powers, along with written instructions, for how you want your personal and medical affairs handled. The key is planning ahead. By establishing a written plan, your wishes and needs will be carried out exactly as you desire. Without a plan in place, the court will make these decisions on your behalf – and maybe not in the way you would have wanted. 

At my office, I help individuals and families create:

  • Wills
  • Living wills
  • Trusts
  • Powers of attorney
  • Joint tenancies

I also help families administer their trusts or navigate the probate process after the death of a loved one. If you have lost someone, it is very important to ensure their estate is properly handled. Even if you have a trust, some formal administration is required whenever a creator of the trust (a "settlor" or "trustor") dies. My staff and I offer the guidance, support, and knowledge clients need to get through the administration and/or probate process as smoothly as possible.

Business Law and Transactions

Business Law and Transactions

No one enters a business deal expecting it to turn sour. Good people don’t go into a partnership arrangement anticipating a nasty dispute down the road. In the beginning of a business transaction, it’s normal to feel hopeful and positive. Everyone is cooperating. It’s difficult to see the need to “get legal” or “lawyer up.” It’s also tough to justify spending the money.

Unfortunately, failing to protect yourself at the start can spell disaster later on. Once the honeymoon stage is over, you realize memories and opinions on the deal or the contract are suddenly quite different. Now, one party wants out. One side disputes some aspect of the arrangement. You’re losing time and money fast. What are your rights? Who gets to buy out whom and how is the price determined? What if partners put up different amounts of money? What about “sweat equity?”

A clear, well-written agreement can provide guidance during these times. It is easier and far more affordable to make an agreement covering important issues when you are looking ahead rather than waiting until problems arise. 

By providing sound legal advice and counsel at the beginning of a business transaction, I can help you avoid many problems and difficulties, as well as reduce the probability of future litigation. The cost of good counsel at the start is far less than the cost of getting out of a mess.

I provide a wide range of legal services and draft documents for many types of transactions, including:

  • Partnership agreements
  • Corporations
  • Limited liability companies
  • Real estate purchase agreements
  • Real estate joint ownership
  • Leases and options

I can help you create the best business entity for your goals, such as a corporation, partnership, or limited liability company. I can also help you properly maintain your corporation or LLC so that your personal assets are protected. If you’re entering into a business partnership, I can help you avoid future disputes through sound advance planning.

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

The prospect of litigation is intimidating for most people, but it doesn’t have to be. With a knowledgeable advocate on your side, you can approach your case confidently. Although I make every effort to resolve disputes before trial, it is sometimes necessary to protect a client’s interests by taking the matter to the courtroom.

With extensive court and jury trial experience, I offer my clients strong, efficient litigation services in the areas of personal injury, real estate, construction, business, sexual harassment, probate and estates, and many other areas. I also regularly handle administrative cases involving government agencies, such as the Contractor’s State License Board and the Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

I offer a free initial consultation on all litigation matters, and I will give you an honest opinion about your case, the likely cost, and the projected outcome based on the information you give me. Because the time limit for responding to a lawsuit is short, it is very important to speak to a lawyer right away if you have received notice of a complaint. Likewise, there are various time limits for filing a lawsuit, ranging from as little as 30 days to as long as 10 years. Because each case is different, give me a call to review your options.