Personal injuries are not just about money. It is true that you deserve the fair compensation you need to heal and reclaim your life. You didn’t ask to be injured, and you shouldn’t have to foot the bill for someone else’s negligent actions. However, you should also be treated with respect and given honest information about your claim so you can make informed decisions about your case.

In short, you deserve a fair shake. It’s my job to help you get results. In my practice, we will treat you honestly and fairly. I will personally advise you about your case.  I will offer you my expertise about value, but you, the client, decide whether to settle the case or proceed to trial based on detailed information and my knowledge of personal injury law.

After an injury, your opponent – often an insurance company – begins collecting information about you and the accident right away. Insurers waste no time making judgments about your case. Waiting to get advice and counsel is playing into their hands.

Insurance companies are not your friends or your neighbor. They don’t have your back, and they are not in the business of taking care of people who have been injured. Their duty is to make money for their stockholders. They have every incentive to pay little or nothing on your claim. If you are going to fight back, you need professional help.

A personal injury can range from a minor inconvenience to a devastating experience. It’s normal to feel alone and worried about the future – especially when you are forced to fight an insurance company for fair treatment.

If you have been injured, call me. I offer a free consultation on all injury cases. If you choose to hire me, I only get paid if I recover money for you. I have recovered millions of dollars for my clients in cases both big and small. I have the experience to get the job done, whether we settle, mediate, or take the matter to a jury.