No one enters a business deal expecting it to turn sour. Good people don’t go into a partnership arrangement anticipating a nasty dispute down the road. In the beginning of a business transaction, it’s normal to feel hopeful and positive. Everyone is cooperating. It’s difficult to see the need to “get legal” or “lawyer up.” It’s also tough to justify spending the money.

Unfortunately, failing to protect yourself at the start can spell disaster later on. Once the honeymoon stage is over, you realize memories and opinions on the deal or the contract are suddenly quite different. Now, one party wants out. One side disputes some aspect of the arrangement. You’re losing time and money fast. What are your rights? Who gets to buy out whom and how is the price determined? What if partners put up different amounts of money? What about “sweat equity?”

A clear, well-written agreement can provide guidance during these times. It is easier and far more affordable to make an agreement covering important issues when you are looking ahead rather than waiting until problems arise. 

By providing sound legal advice and counsel at the beginning of a business transaction, I can help you avoid many problems and difficulties, as well as reduce the probability of future litigation. The cost of good counsel at the start is far less than the cost of getting out of a mess.

I provide a wide range of legal services and draft documents for many types of transactions, including:

  • Partnership agreements
  • Corporations
  • Limited liability companies
  • Real estate purchase agreements
  • Real estate joint ownership
  • Leases and options

I can help you create the best business entity for your goals, such as a corporation, partnership, or limited liability company. I can also help you properly maintain your corporation or LLC so that your personal assets are protected. If you’re entering into a business partnership, I can help you avoid future disputes through sound advance planning.